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See the Sample Sequential Workflow config for a full example.

The illustrated example workflow runs a common build job, then fans-out to run a set of acceptance test jobs in parallel, and finally fans-in to run a common deploy job.

The following config.yml snippet is an example of a workflow configured for fan-out/fan-in job execution:

In this example, as soon as the build job finishes successfully, all four acceptance test jobs start. The deploy job must wait for all four acceptance test jobs to complete successfully before it starts.

See the Sample Fan-in/Fan-out Workflow config for a full example.

Workflows may be configured to wait for manual approval of a job before continuing by using the type: approval key. approval is a special job type that is only added to jobs under the workflow key. This enables you to configure a job with type: approval in the workflow before a set of jobs that must all wait for manual approval. Jobs run in the order defined until the workflow processes a job with the type: approval key followed by a job on which it depends as in the following config.yml example:

In this example, the deploy: job will not run until you click the hold job in the Workflows page of the CircleCI app and then click Approve. Notice that the hold job must have a unique name that is not used by any other job. The workflow will wait with the status of On Hold until you click the job and Approve. After you approve the job with type: approval , the jobs which require the approval job will start. In the example above, the purpose is to wait for approval to begin deployment. To configure this behavior, the hold job must be type: approval and the deploy job must require hold .

The following screenshots show a workflow on hold waiting for approval of the request-testing job:

Following is a screenshot of the Approval dialog box that appears when you click the request-testing job:

It can be inefficient and expensive to run a workflow for every commit for every branch. Instead, you can schedule a workflow to run at a certain time for specific branches.

Consider running workflows that are resource-intensive or that generate reports on a schedule rather than on every commit by adding a triggers key to the configuration. The triggers key is only added under your workflows key. This feature enables you to schedule a workflow run by using cron syntax to represent Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for specified branches.

By default, a workflow is triggered on every git push . To trigger a workflow on a schedule, add the triggers key to the workflow and specify a schedule .


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Waiting For Beautiful…

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Uptown Summer

Warriors by Xio Lu Freitas Featuring Vita

The First Single by Xio Lu Freitas Featuring Vita - "Warriors" is OUT NOW!

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Society Sounds Vol 2 Number of tracks : 1

Album Name: Society Sounds Vol 2

Composer: Xio

Release Date: 2015/10/30

Genre: House


Society Sounds By Xio Vol 2.


Society Sounds Vol 2

October, 2015 0:00 AM
Private Event @ Fairchild
October, 2015 21:00 PM
After Party @ Seaspice
October, 2015 14:00 PM
Never Say Never
Society Sounds @ Never Say Never
Private Yacht Party
October, 2015 0:00 AM
Nixon Key
Society Sounds @ Nixon
October, 2015 0:00 AM
Society Sounds @ Surfcomber
October, 2015 0:00 AM
Private Event @ Mayfair
August, 2015 13:00 PM
Nixon Beach
Society Sounds by Xio
Society Sounds by Xio @ Nixon Beach Sandbar
August, 2015 0:00 AM
Miami Beach
Private Event
August, 2015 16:00 PM
DoubleTree Hilton
Private Event
August, 2015 0:00 AM
Celebrity Reflection
Society Sounds by Xio
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Quick Facts

Full Name: Xioman Fermin Nick Name: Xio Birth Date: 12/31/1986 Place Of Birth: Venezuela Occupation: DJ / Producer

Best Known For

Do NOT perform a git pull or git merge here. Instead, add --force to the end of the git push command to get the changes pushed to your fork. Pulling or merging, while they will resolve the non-fast-forward issue, will likely add extra commits to the pull request which were not part of your changes.

Find the branch on your GitHub salt fork.

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Open a new pull request.

Click on Pull Request on the right near the top of the page,

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If your branch is a fix for a release branch, choose that as the base branch (e.g. 2016.11 ),

If your branch is a feature, choose develop as the base branch,

Review that the proposed changes are what you expect.

Write a descriptive comment. Include links to related issues (e.g. 'Fixes #31337.') in the comment field.

Click Create pull request .

Salt project members will review your pull request and automated tests will run on it.

If you recognize any test failures as being related to your proposed changes or if a reviewer asks for modifications:



Pull request against saltstack/salt are automatically tested on a variety of operating systems and configurations. On average these tests take 30 minutes. Depending on your GitHub notification settings you may also receive an email message about the test results.

Test progress and results can be found at .

There are three different kinds of branches in use: develop, main release branches, and dot release branches.

supported main


GitHub will open pull requests against Salt's main branch, , by default. Be sure to check which branch is selected when creating the pull request.

The develop branch is unstable and bleeding-edge. Pull requests containing feature additions or non-bug-fix changes should be made against the develop branch.


If you have a bug fix or documentation change and have already forked your working branch from and do not know how to rebase your commits against another branch, then submit it to anyway. SaltStack's development team will be happy to back-port it to the correct branch.

Please make sure you let the maintainers know that the pull request needs to be back-ported.

Main Release Branches

The current release branch is the most recent stable release. Pull requests containing bug fixes or documentation changes should be made against the oldest supported main release branch that is affected.

The branch name will be a date-based name such as .

Bug fixes are made on this branch so that dot release branches can be cut from the main release branch without introducing surprises and new features. This approach maximizes stability.

Dot Release Branches

Prior to tagging an official release, a branch will be created when the SaltStack release team is ready to tag. The dot release branch is created from a main release branch. The dot release branch will be the same name as the tag minus the . For example, the dot release branch was created from the main release branch. The release was tagged at the of the branch.

This branching strategy will allow for more stability when there is a need for a re-tag during the testing phase of the release process and further increases stability.

Once the dot release branch is created, the fixes required for a given release, as determined by the SaltStack release team, will be added to this branch. All commits in this branch will be merged forward into the main release branch as well.

The Salt repository follows a "Merge Forward" policy. The merge-forward behavior means that changes submitted to older main release branches will automatically be "merged-forward" into the newer branches.

Hi Christine, Every time I read one of your blogs… speaks to me! I have been singing jazz/classic standards in small venues for almost two years now. One of those things where I didn’t sing for 20 years, so I am still in awe that anyone would PAY me?!! The blog on performing INSTANTLY changed my way of thinking. Also, the lesson on coming to terms that you are worth it was great! Love the tips on not taking rejection personally. It is so hard to do. I love the line that “somewhere out there,someone is waiting for your gift”.That is a great one to pass on to the kids. I know you and my husband David have traded e-mail about our “Gab to Go” game. The cups have finally rolled off the assembly line! I am trying to “learn” how to be a salesperson and get out there and get it in some places. I took a sample in to a very cute, fun gift shop in Raleigh last week and they loved it and agreed to carry it there. I thought “I can do this”! By the time I got back home, I had a message that they had changed their minds. A big sales rep that they work with came in right after me and they spent too much $$$. I have wanted to crawl in a hole ever since….so THANKS for the advice! I am very curious about Branson! I hope you decided to go there!!

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I just want to chime in once more on this topic. I was blessed with an over-active self-awareness! This means that I am usually the first one to notice my own mischief. And I try to be very honest with my self-evaluation so I can move forward and grow from my experiences. Having said that…I can say from personal experience that Christine is right on the money with this blog post!!! You know what they say about “assuming”. That is what I tend to do when I take things personally. I assume and superimpose my perceptions onto another person. Then act in self-destructive ways because of those assumptions. Christine clearly says to check things out. Ask instead of assume. That’s just respectful anyway. Unfortunately I don’t do that all the time with my kids. It’s very easy to take our children’s behavior personally. So I tell them what they did wrong, how they should feel about it, and what they should do to correct it…completely stripping them of their dignity. A better way to approach this would be to ask them what happened, ask them how they feel about it, and invite them to come up with a solution. If I can separate my self-worth from their actions and allow them to learn and grow from their mistakes, we would all be a lot happier. Thanks for the reminder Christine!

Just my two cents!


Holly – that’s a case of swswswsw. just keep going. the game is great! you’ll sell it just fine. (and the truth is that any retail outlet would be sort of taking a chance on you – so maybe find some original ways to make it more appealing to them..?) thanks for sharing all that!

hi brad – (i’d be interested to know your number on the enneagram – 4???) what a great way to approach your children. and it relates so well to this post. thanks!


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